Unsexy Updates to Make to Your Home

When you’re dreaming about your next home improvement project, it’s easy to think about how you’d like to spend your money on the sexy projects, such as a glorified master bathroom suite or a state-of-the-art, celebrity-inspired kitchen. The projects are fun, of course, boost the value of your home and amazing to show off to everyone you know, but it’s also important to do the “unsexy” updates your home desires.

The reality of home ownership includes some extremely unpredictable and unglamorous projects that are a necessity. Here are our top three maintenance projects for your home that might not be sexy, but are highly important to keep your home in the best shape possible.

Adding a Humidifier
Adding a humidifier and MAINTAINING the proper humidity in your home is really important to improving the comfort of your home and even the performance of wood floors, casing, etc. By adding a humidifier, you can say goodbye to the uncomfortable static shocks, you no longer will wake up with a dry, cotton mouth and you will be protecting the wood in your house. Without the moisture in the air, the wood in your home such wood floors, furniture and molding, would shrink as it dries out. After installing a humidifier, be sure to maintain the proper humidity levels. Too much humidity can be harmful and uncomfortable, as well. The recommended humidity levels for indoors is 40-50% year round, but in the winter months might have to be under 40% to avoid condensation on the windows. However, please make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on use and care of the humidifier.

Improving Insulation
A majority of older homes were built with less insulation than homes today, but in reality even adding insulation to a newer home can pay for itself within a few years. A qualified home energy auditor can help determine what areas of your home need air sealing, where it needs to be insulated and what type of insulation you have or want to install. Insulation is a messy job, but the money saved and comfortable indoor temperatures year round are a major selling point. Take on your insulation project now before the weather warms up. The insulation will also help keep your house cool for the summer months.

Pumping the septic tank
This has to be the unsexiest of all the home updates, but it’s better than sewage backing up in your toilets and spilling out onto your beautifully manicured yard. It is recommended to pump your septic system every three to five years to prevent this horrid occurrence. How often you need to pump depends on the amount of water your household uses. General rule to followMore people using your septic system = Increased water flow = Septic tank will fill up faster = More frequent pumping.

Are there any home maintenance projects you find particularly unsexy? It was hard to narrow it down to just three, there are so many we aren’t fond of!

photo credit: Attic in my townhouse via photopin (license)