Our Simple Process

Our experience with home construction and passion for bringing your visions to life is what guides our business on a daily basis. We take a process that can sometimes seem overwhelming and make it an enjoyable experience for new homeowners. From our initial meeting, to setting up your concept plan, determining pricing and beyond, our professionals have organized the process into logical steps so that you can understand what’s happening, see progress and have confidence that your new home will be what you envisioned. As professionals in our industry, your happiness and satisfaction mean the most to us, and we take every step to make sure your time invested in this process is utilized in the best way possible. We’re here to advocate for you and help you make your custom home a reality.

Design Process

Our experience with home construction and passion for bringing your visions to life is what guides our business on a daily basis. We love being able to sit down with our customers and truly listen to their ideas and what they envision for their future home. Learn more about the steps to design your new custom home.

The DH Design Process: The Steps to Design Your New Home Custom Home

  • Introductory visit – A personal visit allows you to start getting to know us and allows our professionals to listen to your needs, answer your questions, see your ideas, help you establish a budget and start to understand the best way forward for you in regard to your homesite and custom home design. Even if you’re early in your journey, we’re here to answer any questions you have about building a custom home.
  • SPA visit – We personally visit your homesite or any homesites you are considering to assist with a free Site Plan Analysis to ensure suitability, guide you on best design recommendations and provide a free site improvement estimate to get you prepared for dig day.
  • First Sketch – After the very first visit, we get to work on your ideas and quickly provide you a first sketch of your custom home.
  • Budget – We provide you a fixed construction amount for your home with a well-established and transparent set of included features and specifications so you can easily understand your investment. We are also well experienced with providing services on a cost-plus service fee basis for homeowners preferring that. Our knowledge, experience and project management provide reliable, competitive results.
  • Professional Services Agreement – After approving your sketch and feeling comfortable, this agreement brings us on as your partner to begin the design/build service to assist you through the design of buildable construction plans for your home and homesite. The service may include the employment of other professional consultants, such as architecture, civil, geotechnical and environmental services, but only as required. We recommend the best firms to consider and advocate for you to ensure your project stays on time and on budget so your home can become a reality.
  • Approval – Upon your approval of the plan, pricing, options and cost to improve your homesite, we enter a construction agreement together to begin the final stage of preparing to build your new custom home.
  • Personal Design Plan – We will provide you with scaled floor plan drawings of your new custom home to be used to select your interior finishes, including layout of furniture and light fixtures.

Planning and Construction Phase

DH Custom Homes will work with you as a team to make your new home everything you want it to be, keeping you informed and involved in the building phases through a series of key check-ins and frequent communication. We love when our clients are astonished with our recreations of their vision and truly enjoy seeing their delight as those visions are recreated through our planning and construction phase. Learn more about the steps to build your new home.

The DH Construction Process: The Steps to Build Your New Custom Home

  • Let’s Get Started Meeting – To review and explain the process of building your new home from the planning of color selections and finishes to the day you move in and beyond
  • Color Selection Meeting(s) – We’ll guide you through an organized method of choosing your beautiful finishes.
  • Pre-Construction Plan Review – After selections have been made but before construction begins, we get together to make sure you understand the construction sequence in detail and review every aspect of your home as it will be built, room by room, inside and out.
  • Pre-Drywall Orientation – Your project manager will meet with you at your home to explain and demonstrate the benefits of DH construction features and methods that will not be visible once the wall cavities are closed.
  • Pre-Occupancy Review – About 2 weeks before your move-in, we get back together with you to review the warranty and move-in process, as well as the documents and any financial details to be concluded prior to moving in.
  • New Home Orientation (NHO) – About one week before your move-in, we walk you through your home to demonstrate the operation of appliances and systems, review general maintenance procedures and confirm that your new home is complete.
  • Move-in – Receive the keys to your new home upon substantial completion or issuance of occupancy permit, as required.
  • Warranty Service Checkpoint – We perform a 45-day service check to inspect any items requiring adjustment and correct them, as necessary. We also offer an optional 11th month end-of-year service checkpoint.