Tips to the Best Lawn and Garden this Summer

By now, your summer garden should be fully planted and well on the way to producing delicious fruits or vegetables. But what if you have a black thumb? What should you do to protect your garden from the harsh Missouri heat?

The sun’s rays can be extremely harsh throughout the summer, and you want to be careful that your plants are protected. Here are some tips to have the best lawn and garden this summer.

It’s important to water your plants frequently. It’s almost impossible to over water plants during the dog days of summer. We say almost because we don’t want you out there drowning your plants from sunrise to sunset. That brings me to when you should be watering your garden. Avoid watering between 11 and 3, this is the hottest time of the day. It is best to water between 6 am to 10am when there is less wind, less direct sunlight and the lawn/plants have a full day to dry. Watering at night can cause mildew and fungus, and when watering during the late afternoon, much of the water is lost from evaporation or wind. You can make it a part of your morning routine to water your garden while enjoying a cup of coffee and the peaceful, serene early morning hours.

Wind Breaks
Wind can be  your garden’s friend, or enemy. Wind is great at drying out soil, which in case you over water is an excellent thing. But in those dog days of summer, you want your water to fully saturate the soil. A simple fencing can be placed around your garden to allow some air movement. A living screen is recommended, such as a hedge, to help block some air but not trapping the heat inside.

Lawn Tips
Be sure to continuously mow lawns to keep grass 2 to 2 1/2 inches height. It’s also important to leave grass clippings on the lawn to improve availability of nitrogen. Those lawn clippings provide your yard with many benefits, so don’t get rid of them!

Miscellaneous Tips
It’s an excellent investment to purchase a rain gauge for your yard. If there is less than 1″ of rain per week, then you know you need to water your lawn and garden. Without a rain gauge, your left to guessing!

Don’t forget to keep up with those weeds! Not only do they ruin the look of your garden and landscaping, but they also compete for water. While you’re weeding your garden, be sure to pick up and remove any fallen leaves and debris. They can harbor insect pests and disease organisms, which can harm your plants.

We hope our tips for summer lawn and garden care was helpful. Be sure to send us pictures of your lawn and garden, show off your green thumb!