Spring Planting in Missouri

I know it’s hard to believe with the freezing cold weather we’ve been experiencing over the past few weeks that spring is anywhere in sight. But, fear not, in a few days it will officially be spring! Something we look forward to all winter is getting outside and working in the yard. Here are some of our gardening tips to get you ready for spring planting.

When is the best time of year to begin planting?
Spring planting is the best for our area. That way the plants have all summer and fall to grow. For a vegetable garden, it is best to plant in mid- to late spring when the chance of frost is gone. A deep freeze or frost could kill your plants, so be sure to keep an eye on the weather reports when preparing to plant.

Spring Gardening Tips:
Before you begin sowing your garden or planting, it’s important to know what the last frost date is. For Missouri, it is April 15. This date will help you judge planting and harvesting, and help protect your plants from frost. If you plan on planting from seeds, you can get a head start on your planting. Start them indoors, and move them outdoors after the last frost. Plants that are started indoors should be hardened off outdoors in cold frames or a small green house before being transplanted into the gardens to acclimate them to the weather.

Vegetable Garden
All winter long we dream of the fresh vegetables we’ll be devouring the spring and summer! Some of the top vegetables for planting in Missouri include tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach, squash, carrots and potatoes.

Flower Garden
A few of the best flowers to plant in the spring includes pansies, lilac, iris, tulips and daffodils. These flowers can withstand the cooler weather and provide you with a beautiful array of colors. If you have a problem with deer in your area, they find daffodil less palatable than other spring flowers.

Be sure to mow your lawn to remove old growth before new growth begins. This is also an excellent time to seed thin or bare patches in the lawn and prepare them for summer. April is an excellent time to aerate turf if thatch is heavy or if the soil is compacted.

Miscellaneous Spring Gardening Tips

  •  Termites begin swarming in April. Be sure to keep old wood or scraps away from your house to avoid any termite damage.
  •  When the weather begins to warm up in April, the lilacs begin to bloom and the forest floor turns green. Keep an eye out for morel mushrooms.
  • Most gardens need about 1 inch of rain water per week between April and September. Keep a rain gauge near the garden to keep track of precipitation so you have a good idea of when to water.

We hope these spring gardening tips are helpful and get you excited for the warmer weather that we SWEAR is right around the corner!