Help Your Home Get Back in Shape

Spring showers might bring with it May flowers, but it can also bring with it some severe damage to your house. We all know after a bad hail storm to have our roof, and of course our cars, inspected for any damage. But do you know what other damage could have occurred and you might not think to check? Here is our guide to getting your home back in shape.

Naturally, our roof is the first thing we think to check with a hail storm. Some common signs of roof damage include missing shingles, dented shingles, cracked or broken tile, slate or concrete shingles or granules from the roof collecting in your gutters or downspouts. Another telltale sign is a leak in your roof or ceiling as well as any dents on vents, gutters or flashing. You might not notice any leaking in your home and think that your roof is fine, but it never hurts to have it inspected. You don’t want to wait for another bad storm to come through and cause even more serious problems when it could be prevented.

Siding, Paint and Stucco
When we experience a severe storm, the exterior of your home will sustain the most damage. Hail, wind, heavy rain and flying debris are common causes of sometimes severe exterior damage. You might notice discolored spots, dents, cracks or chips in your paint or siding from hail or harsh rain. If you have stucco, be sure to look for cracking, chipping and any holes that may have appeared in the stucco.

Window Damage
If your home is in a high wind area, you might have protective storm shutters to protect any exposed glass. But even with storm shutters, many windows can get cracked or damaged. Some common signs of window damage include shattered windows, cracks, holes or dings, broken panes or a damaged frame. You also might notice some leaking or water seeping in through the base of the windows, which could then cause interior damage you certainly wish to avoid.

If you have experienced any damage to your home or suspect that you might have storm related damage, be sure to contact a home inspection expert immediately. Don’t take your home for granted. Help it get back in shape!