Size Doesn’t Matter – Part 3

We first introduced you to this interesting home theater project in Chesterfield in our first blog, Size Doesn’t Matter, part 1. Since that post, we have made great progress in the theater and wanted to give you an updated look at the space!

The existing duct work provided challenges to be able to get the room built they way it should be. The duct work was taken down and resized. We insulated the ductwork to prevent sound from travelling to other parts of the house.

DH presented a concept plan to the homeowners with an understanding of all the audio-visual components Custom Design & Installation was providing in accordance with the client’s wishes. The homeowners loved the plan and we moved forward. Here are the details we added into the home theater to put it over the top.

Acoustic Control in Room

Extremely important to consider not only for controlling sound to other areas of home but even controlling sound within the space. It is good to bring in people with experience with acoustical panels and sound to make sure home theater is a comfortable viewing space.

  • We added insulated exterior walls and ceiling with acoustical sound batts to help control sound.
  • Designed drywall to be on resilient channels which isolates the drywall from the structure of the room and house to prevent sound and vibration.
  • Acoustical panels on walls as decoration and as a product to help absorb sound; furnished by Golterman Sabo. The acoustical panels help control sound within the space. We concealed speakers; most of the speakers are recessed into the wall. The three in front of the room are concealed behind the television screen.


Lighting is another central item to consider for function and mood when planning your home theater.

  • The homeowners chose a Lutron lighting system that will also allow you to interface with iPad.
  • With this system, you can assign specific lighting arrangements for different moods and modes with a push of a button. You can set themes for different event; movies, sporting events or parties.
  • There are six different light groups associated with the controller – rope lights, incandescent, sconces, can lights, floor lights, specialized tracks lighting for movie posters in vestibule and hall. They can be dealt with individually – dim slowly or brighten as slow or as fast as you want.


  • This is a 110” (diagonal) THX certified audio transparent screen.
  • 800 watt subwoofer.
  • A Mozaex 12 Terabyte media storage system. It will store and play back Blu-Ray, standard DVD and even 3-D.
  • You can search all media by categories – by actor, for instance, pull it up on movie screen, select and play.
  • In addition, a very unique projector JVC DILA 3-D/4K projectors – over 7 million pixels. Standard definition projector is about 2.7 million pixels.
  • Specialized control on iPad that will give you complete interface for entire theater and all its sources that feed it – satellite, Mozaex.

Interview with Homeowner

Jeff Davis, CEO of Perficient, reached out to Custom Design & Installation, who recommended DH Custom Homes, to help make this home theater dream a reality.

“It was a challenging space in terms of space and shape. Kudos to Dennis and the team, especially Dennis I really credit in terms of creativity with the design,” said Jeff Davis. “They have packed a premiere theater into a fairly constrained space and I think it turned out wonderful!”

The Davis family moved into the house less than a year ago. They had a theater in their previous home and knew it was a feature they wanted for their new house.

“I’m a movie buff myself,” said Davis. They use the home theater to watch movies and spend time together as a family.

His recommendation to homeowners is to move forward and put the things you want in your house as soon as possible. This is one of the lessons he learned from his last home.

“We want to have time to enjoy all these things while we live here. In our last house, we didn’t have time to enjoy the improvements we made before we moved.”

A quote about the project from Dennis Hayden, President of DH Custom Homes:

“This is [home theater] is lesson on how you can have restrictions and obstacles in your home, such a small space or structural barriers, but if you bring the right people together, you can end up with a beautiful home theater – or whatever it is that you want.” – on working closely with CDI, Golterman Sabo and the rest of the team that worked so hard to make this home theater a reality for the homeowners.