Unlikely Inspiration Leads to Old Fashioned Elliptical Archways


There is no end to what can be used as inspiration for interior design at DH Custom Homes. For our Kirkwood custom home project one of the biggest pieces of design inspiration came from an unlikely place – the kitchen hood.

As you can see in the below photo, the symmetry of the kitchen makes the hood, which features an elliptical arch shape, the central focal point of the room. 


The original plan for the space had a segmented arch for the opening between the kitchen and the main living room. Instead our design team suggested we change the opening to an elliptical arch.

This accomplished two things: 

  1. It created a more seamless interior design – the shape of the hood matched the shape of the opening. 

  2. It gave the home a more old-fashioned look. Since segmented arch openings are easier to install and less expensive, they are much more common in today’s homes. By picking up on the elliptical shape of the hood, this opening gives the interior a look that is both unique and reminiscent of older homes.


The homeowner loved the concept and shape of the elliptical arch so much that she wanted it used on the fireplace mantel as well. We were happy to oblige since carrying the shape only better complemented the main living space in which all three elliptical arches can be seen and added another beautiful, timeless focal point.